Located on the South Shore in Massachusetts, we are a small family-owned kennel and have been breeding Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years.

We raise sound English-style Labrador Retrievers. All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Before we consider a dog as breeding or stud quality, they are judged for temperament and conformation and must pass OFA hip and elbow clearances and eye clearances. Our puppies go home with a contract which guarantees them against hip dysplasia for one year.

Our Labradors are part of our family; we raise our puppies in our custom whelping room that is sanitary and climate-controlled.  The room has gentle music playing and a bit of traffic with the kids showing off the new additions when it is safe for visiting.

We do our best to place our puppies in a home that best suits each puppy by conducting temperament screening and aptitude tests. We spend an enormous amount of time with these puppies and have had great success in evaluating the "right fit" of puppy to family.


My goal as a breeder is to produce a sound quality Labrador Retriever as close to the AKC standard to my liking. Every breeder has a preference to coat, size, movement, attitude, face and tail. The most important thing to remember in breeding is to keep in mind the purpose of the dog and ensure that they are physically able to get the job done for which they were bred.